Rebranding Parametric Studios

PMX Logo

New things are coming to Parametric Studios! We have rebranded our website, and we are starting a blog!

What prompted the changes?

First off, our company has been evolving, and we are offering new services that extend our original core: film production and studio recording. We’ve gone beyond basic video production, and now offer full production support from writing to distribution. Parametric Studios has developed a large network of professionals, allowing us to go well beyond our original two-man team.

Studio recording also received a boost when we partnered with Lazy Ape Studios in Scottsdale, AZ. We took our already extensive mic locker and plugin library, and combined it with the robust gear and acoustically engineered tracking and control rooms at Lazy Ape Studios. This partnership has not only combined our equipment resources, but it has combined our team of audio engineers and promoted the sharing of our audio knowledge and our networks of studio musicians.

Our biggest evolution has been in marketing and web development. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so suffice it to say that we have some powerful services coming to market for small to medium sized businesses.

What next?

Keep an eye on our website, follow us on social media (facebook & twitter), and keep tabs here on our blog! We’ll be going into more detail about our offerings soon. Also, we want to share the knowledge we’ve gained over our company’s initial three years with you, so we will post information, how-to’s, and photos from our history of work.

– Alex Regan